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the quintessential hmmm…

diwali (tuesday) night there was so much i wanted to put down, here, but then i woke up wednesday, got busy in life, and then completely forgot about it, everything. and today, in the morning, i remembered again, about this … Continue reading

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happy diwali… :)

it’s diwali tomorrow. as kids, it was the most exciting time of the year. it wasn’t so much the new clothes, but all that mithai (sweets), and firecrackers. :) though i hate them now and tell everyone that they should … Continue reading

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i only remember bits and pieces of my dream today. first, i am i think in the backyard of the NN house (where i/we grew up), and i think veer is around me, and i am drinking water, lots of … Continue reading

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feel suicidal today …

i have been rememberig my dreams now … somewhat. last night i saw that i had taken cy for an audition somewhere, and much like her first actual audition, she looks … plain. and i suddenly realize that i didn’t … Continue reading

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two rather small points popped into my head this weekend; marriage and love. nothing much, just ruminations. a fear has gripped my mind of late. a deadly, deathly fear. and i have started to think about marriage. why? of course … Continue reading

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i am suddenly bored … yoon hee … dunno why. i guess it’s because i made this plan with my friends to go out for some drinks. and tho cy is going out too with her friends from pune who … Continue reading

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beginnings of a song..

these words came to my mind (all with music and all) when i and M were planning about what to do in the evening last sunday. make it all about me-he-he-he-he do what i-he wanna dooooo

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a small house/cottage in a big place near the sea somewhere, maybe near mountains. one veranda, overlooking a small garden. one kitchen garden in the back. i will grow baingan, bhindi, tomatoes, garlic, onions and potatoes, and maybe carrots and … Continue reading

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trip to mumbai..

i don’t have words to define the 4-day weekend trip to mumbai, and so i won’t even try. just that right now how i feel, i wish i could feel that for all eternity. :) i feel happiness, joy, and … Continue reading

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i will be “out” from 9th – 12th .. :)

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dreaming on .. :)

kal yoon hee aasman mein urd rahi thee mein kisi ne de diye they pankh udhaar mujhey aur kuchh sapney, kuchh merey, kuchh uskey apney un sapno ne diya thaa naya aadhar mujhey aur aaj, aaj ek din fir shuru … Continue reading

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cy’s not feeling too good. she getting mild asthma attacks, but even now when she is sleeping, i can hear that (scary) sound in her breath. i hope and pray that she feels better by the morning …

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