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nothing much to write. i had a good, very tiring weekend. mon and tue have been both pretty crazy. i look forward to … my days … more days … :) sat evening, i’d accompanied a recent acquaintance i made … Continue reading

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sing song … :)

and then mama asked cy, “will you leave me and go?” cy hugged her mama and said, “no.”

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tum se hee…

for the past two days, i haven’t been able to get this song out of my head from the movie ‘jab we met’, the song ‘tum se hee’. he’s sung it in a nice soothing way. and i have been … Continue reading

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sometimes i feel scared. that i’ll get fired and i won’t have any money. i’v always had this fear every now-and-then. even at times when i’ve known in my head that i am doing good in a particular position. and … Continue reading

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sunday evening rain .. :)

i had the most beautiful time with cy last evening. dad had wanted me to check something out from a local gurudwara here in hyd. we left very early in the evening, late afternoon rather. we took a local train … Continue reading

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weekend movies…

I just saw ratatouille. This one scene towards the end, i felt, is the perfect blend of creativity, visualization, and perfect direction. When Egor puts the spoon full of the dish in his mouth and is taken back to his … Continue reading

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[Fiction] Ruhiya_draft 1

The scene opens in a pretty, cozy, house which is built more like a cottage. It is full of plants and open on most sides making it very airy and full of light. Ruhia and Dadima are sitting at the … Continue reading

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calling all muslims …

there have been four bomb blasts in delhi yesterday, killing 30, maybe more people, and injuring many, many more. its high time that the muslim community, all over the world, did something about it. in their family, some brats, spoilt … Continue reading

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like veer, even i am looking forward to (ok, so maybe he’s not really “looking forward” to it) the huge LHC experiment happening at CERN. at least something is happening, wherever it is. something to look forward to … :) … Continue reading

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irony. when in college, we were assigned a paper on it. i don’t remember if i did; write the paper. i know that now i can. and yes, succumbing to the much, much used phrase, please allow me to say … Continue reading

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i have been trying to “write” for some time now. but am just not able to. rather, i just sulk and close the window. there’s this huge cement block, standing tall and strong, completely blocking the view of my mind’s … Continue reading

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nothing much…

i went to see the dark knight last evening, at prasads imax. really liked the theater, though the movie … i dunno, its not bad, but i don’t know what the brouhaha was about. m feeling very sleepy today. so … Continue reading

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help bihar flood victims

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woman power…

a woman swirling a (heavily) used tampon and whirling it towards the sky shouting, “hum iss khoon se aasman pe iquilab likh dengey; KRANTI LIKH DENGEY”. here’s one: when in bollywood, where do you go when you desperately need a … Continue reading

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writer / ideator available…

though full-time employed, i have some time with me currently. so if there is something i can do for you, i would be glad to. and if it does not involve too much time and/or effort, or provides me with … Continue reading

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i don’t know what i want to do. but right now i feel … not so good. last evening, i was missing pune. how easily we had started calling it ‘home’. against all my beliefs of not needing “roots” as … Continue reading

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