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i just had this thought. that it’ll be nice, to give up everything, pack a small bag and a smaller one for cy and leave. disappear. maybe kerala, or goa. get a small-time job, anywhere, enough to feed me and … Continue reading

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:) …to moksha

i am sitting in the middle of a sleepy saturday afternoon. it’s the 29th day in the month of mar, year 2008, far, far away from where it all started. i wonder if it matters, were it all started. academically, … Continue reading

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don’t feel like writing anything today. feel very zoned out … out of the zone … out of this plane … i don’t like planes … air travel. cy hates it too. she hates it is an understatement. she not … Continue reading

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tomorow i plan to go visit the school where i had got cy admission for this year. i paid the 30K deposit and within a couple of days i received my offer letter from an organization located in a different … Continue reading

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i’m really tired today. have been working non-stop on this storyboard for the past 2 days … it’s huge is an understatement. i m so ready to collapse now… _________________________________________________________________________________ trivia i like to fart with my bum cheeks stretched … Continue reading

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on love … again

lust has a place, an appropriate place in the scheme of things. love, love has no place, not one place. love needs to be everywhere. like the fluffy, white, soft home-made butter, it needs to be spread on each and … Continue reading

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post beautiful weekend

thought i didn’t consume any alcohol last night (except some wine with G’s yummy easter lunch) i am suffering from a terrible, terrible hang-over, or the symptoms of it. ah!!!

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happy holi!! :)

it’s holi today. it was holi yesterday also, but that one we (as in me, my family, my friends) never celebrated up north in delhi. we were completely and only into the rangon wali holi .. :) and boy, what … Continue reading

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it was her favorite position. perched on the 3 ft wall separating the living room from the balcony, she used to love to close her legs around his waist … their heads at level and their faces exactly on the … Continue reading

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i feel one with the universe. anyone wants to ask a question? now is the time … a time for all answers… ______________________________________________________________________________________________ happiness, as enveloping an emotion as sadness. feeling either will take one away from the … stillness. … Continue reading

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10:45 am i had a very nice dream. very bright, sweet, cozy, the general atmosphere was very fluffy, and happy, and full of nice pastel colors. i saw veer and didi, and we were having some real, good, quality time … Continue reading

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need a good massage

both had lost track of time, sitting on the solitary wooden table, laid quaintly on the edge of the wooden platform jutting out of the outer periphery of the small eatery bang on the beach. the open sea on one … Continue reading

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my horoscope for today :)

Once, you had a dream. Now, it is fading away, you can hardly even remember what it was, but all dreams lose their intensity, sooner or later. Unless, of course, they are recurring dreams. Then they come back round, time … Continue reading

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i need to ‘not work’ in order to be more … me, more creative, more productive to myself and hence the universe. blessed are those who do not need to spend all their precious time in making ends meet. ____________________________________________________________________________________ … Continue reading

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making decisions!!

in the morning today i was thinking about a lot of things. esp a lot about what’s happening in (my) life right now. like i mentioned, i have quit and am serving the 2-month notice period. i tried to kinda … Continue reading

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my moods

i have made an excel sheet which i hope to update everyday at day end. it captures data on my daily moods. i’ll study the pattern and try and understand why i feel sad when i feel sad, or even … Continue reading

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mysterious ways of this universe…

10:40 am one doesn’t feel so good today. one wonders if it’s the hangover of the intensely slothful weekend. one feels zonked!! one’s heart is still singing [weird! one just typed sinking here ** sigh ** :( ], but all … Continue reading

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simply :)

the weekend started with the most delicious gobi paranthas with a couple of friends from work, and then i and cy came over to Z’s for some more delicious food (mutton korma and flavored rice), and we have been doing … Continue reading

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went out for lunch

we’ve just come back from a bountyful lunch. though feeling really guilty about eating so much, and then finishing a reasonably big chocolate pastry, covered thickly with a soft chocolate layer, i feel nice. nice and sleepy. sweetly sleepy … … Continue reading

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