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this stupid, silly world, this life. we know it’s so trifle, and yet we put all our heart and soul into it. funny! when just perceptions make us feel that it’s worth it. all this pain, agony, redundant anxieties, are … Continue reading

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if i was … staunch, i would whip myself on the back till my hide came off. that’s how much i feel shitty about having that idli breakfast i just had. i had promised mysorryself in the morning that all … Continue reading

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hmmm … i wrote a song for cyra, but i will not post it here for fear of plagiarism. :) i have a basic tune in mind, and i will compose it if i can find a coupla decent musicians. … Continue reading

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there are so many different types of people, it’s amazing. different thoughts, different beliefs, the different surities in those beliefs. it really is amazing. i think it’ll be very interesting if one keeps a log of each person s/he meets … Continue reading

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yes. i haven’t written in a zillion years now. i haven’t even been documenting my dreams. as a matter of fact, i haven’t been remembering my dreams. i do dream, i know, but they are forgotten within the first moment … Continue reading

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i had a yummy soup last night. really yummy. it had chicken wontons, sme noodles and prawns. really yummy. went very well with the corona. i am writing this here jus cos i thought i’ll write something here. what i … Continue reading

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