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things i have inherited: from mom: constant state of anxiety sleeping posture clingy behavior with child love of sweets love of food self-sufficiency love of independence being polite caring nature (esp towards animals) panic attacks love of private space unkeeness … Continue reading

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two weird dreams. rather really small parts that i remember. last to last night i saw that i am at the edge of this natural pool. it’s like a mud pool, but the mud is hard so the water is … Continue reading

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a bad doctor

today morning, both i and cy, esp cy, had a harrowing time. though in a way it was my fault, i admit. i have been mentioning cy’s tooth decay saga of late. someone in my building told me about this … Continue reading

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the stupid population increased because of the stupid “society”. the “midd-al class”. get married, have babies, or else get lost. and everyone got married and had babies. how pathetic can the state-of-affairs be.

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i like the color green. though i never had any favorites as i like all colors, but i think i like green. :) in response to M’s comment: Yes. Yellow has been my favorite, but i didn’t want to sound … Continue reading

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i haven’t posted in ages. actually i have not been getting any time to. work’s been (really) hectic. in a good way. and weekends too zoom past like crazy. i haven’t had some time to myself in a long time. … Continue reading

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cy’s dentist has recommended 10 root canals (with 6 cappings), 2 extractions, and 2-3 fillings for her. all this after knocking her out by a “really good” anesthesiologist in a good hospital. he’s given me a total bill of about … Continue reading

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Planet Sports’ ingnorant employees

i got a new swimming cap. as usual, the way i shop, i just walked into planet sports, asked for a cap, and then i clearly remember asking about size and they so confidently told me ‘free size madam’. i … Continue reading

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last night’s dream was nice. besides a lot of other things, i clearly remember being in this place, an ashram like place, where my mom has come to stay for a awhile, and after settling her in the quaint room, … Continue reading

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