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i m n ass

i had a really bad few minutes last night. i was really sad and the agony made my heart sink and i felt the signature pressure kinda thingie in my left arm. i cautioned myself, took some deep breaths and … Continue reading

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yet again. i feel a craving for something yummy. this time more liquidy .. a thick soup or something .. don’t mind bits of dimsum in it .. or maybe slushy noodles. or maybe a kadi .. ummm … i … Continue reading

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its been weird. i haven’t been able to access my own site from my own laptop at home. i just am not able to figure out what might be going wrong. as in, the log-in page comes, but when i … Continue reading

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all water …

the makers of the movie ‘water’ were kicked out of india during its shooting. no one even raised a finger, forget protest or raise a voice against the hooliganism that decrees its own rules and laws here in the land … Continue reading

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have been really, really busy for many days now and will be for many more days to come at work due to this project i am on. i was on a railway station again last to last night in my … Continue reading

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since the day we returned from goa, i have not been able to wake up at a decent hour in the mornings. when the alarm rings at 7 am, it feels the middle of the night and i vaguely remember … Continue reading

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