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when i think about the last time i had sex i feel shame for the first time in life i feel … stupid jumping up and down like a monkey it was really good though maybe that’s why here i … Continue reading

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recently, rather i guess just yesterday, or last night, a reader left a comment here, referring to a woman’s breasts as ‘hooters’. i was replying to that comment in the comments section but decided to make it a separate post … Continue reading

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when i was moving to pune, i had thought (not planned) that i’ll stay here for 2-4 years and then move back to mumbai. i was really enjoying myself in mumbai then and didn’t even want to move, but did, … Continue reading

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i fear studying ..

i’ve always had a fear of studying. that’ll i’ll never be able to do it; study i mean. as a school-going kid, i was pretty bad at it. most teachers didn’t like me, though i was a favorite of a … Continue reading

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there’s a little girl in every woman. just like there’s a little boy in every man. it shows in the sudden giggle that erupts sometimes from the corner of the mouth in a light, unguarded moment. and then you know … Continue reading

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dear God!

i love my baby. God, please may she never suffer in her life. please give me all her pains .. all her hurts. let me feel the suffocation every time she gets a bronchitis attack. let my head hurt each … Continue reading

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jus blabbering ..

someone staring at my breasts was never a problem for me. it didn’t bother me because i didn’t give 2 hoots. 2 hootes!! :) :( but now it has started to suffocate me .. maybe there are a zillion other … Continue reading

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on marriage

marriage is against laws of nature. its limits one’s growth. path to moksha and true bliss is going solo. marriage is the devil’s temptation to deviate humans from the true path. its a redundant institution, installed by short-sighted society-keepers types, … Continue reading

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another dream

i had an interesting dream last night. M! analyze this: :) i am on a train station (yet again). and there’s me, sul, and cy. lots of things happen before i reached the station and when i am on the … Continue reading

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i have been feeling sad again. but i know what’s the matter. i just overdid it in goa. running around on the beach all day, swimming in the sea, wrestling the waves, staying on my feet since 8 am till … Continue reading

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funny incident

i remember this one time when the song ‘hot in here’ by nelly had just come out. it used to be on TV almost all the time, and since our TV used to be on almost all the time, we … Continue reading

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as a group we are destroying the world sadistic cannibals we are eating our own innards unaware of our own dissemination not feeling the pain ‘cos we have gone numb so the bites don’t hurt the tearing flesh doesn’t make … Continue reading

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a sad day it has started as well, not sad, but … melancholic, some concerns, maybe worries a tiredness a will, an urge to cry and fill a tank.

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returned from goa this past saturday. wow! will post when my feet are back on ground again.

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