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last night ..

i was naked in my dream last night. but i wouldn’t go by the textbook interpretation of it .. according to which it means fear of exposure .. i think. i had gone for a massage last evening, and i … Continue reading

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i love to sleep ..

i am lying quietly like i always love to in dilli, in the winters under a huge, heavy quilt or a double-layered soft blanket curled up like i was in mama’s tummy motionless like i was dead and then i … Continue reading

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song with veer ..

it was PMS afterall.. :) i am feeling good today. yesterday i was feeling so good that i mailed a ‘i love you’ to veer. i wonder if he got it. :) as i have mentioned already, veer is a … Continue reading

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a prayer..

my lower back has started hurting, at the base of the spine. i guess i have not been sitting properly on my chair in office. i better start some morning stretch exercises from tomorow. i tried today, but realized that … Continue reading

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sad weekend..

the weekend started with kabul express. a movie i had been looking forward to. friday night, me and cy. it wasn’t .. bad. could’ve been much better. john abraham is looking good, but, he should attend some acting classes. and … Continue reading

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another one ..

last night’s dream has been erased out of my mind by a hurried waking up at 10 and running to the shower knowing that i had a meeting in office at 11. remember just bits and pieces of it. i … Continue reading

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.. tying out a new pen ..

the beautiful shore, the soft, brown, sand the tall, green, coconut tree tops swaying with the soft breeze how i wish that it wasn’t just an imagined fantasy at the tip of my pen.. ____________________________________________________________________ i had an interesting dream … Continue reading

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lyrics of the day

zindagi pyaar ki do chaar ghadi hoti hai chahey jitni bhi ho ye umra badi hoti hai .. life is love’s 2-4 moments irrespective of how long it lasts, it’s a long/big/enough life .. ________________________________________________________________________________ i could never pronounce fling … Continue reading

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altu-faltu :)

aao mujhsey pyaar karo merey sapno ko sakaar karo sadiyon se pyasa munn mera meri ***** ka uddhar karo

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some tid-bits

my dream last night: i am trying to get a tattoo on the back of my left hand, left to the base of the thumb. but the tattoo woman is not getting what i am saying. its a kind of … Continue reading

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one small thing i remember about last night’s dream. cy was wearing a very, very pretty little white dress, edged with lace. spaghetti straps and just covering her bum. ________________________________________________________________________________ i just had a yummy chocolate cake literally floating in … Continue reading

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i recently realized that shamsher means a sword .. how apt. though this one is in confused, lost hands .. and the kavach is long gone. the beautiful protective covering thrown somewhere off a cliff in the throes of passion … Continue reading

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dream: early 7th dec morning

from age 0 to about 8, i grew up in a place called double-storey in lajpat nagar, new delhi. it was a row of narrow houses, with another row on the first floor on top of the row below. and … Continue reading

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veer just emailed this: Here I sit Broken-hearted Came to shit But only farted ________________________________________________________________________________ the weekend was hectic, but good. really, really good. v’d gone to M’bai for M‘s party. it was on a boat. though initially i got … Continue reading

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shoot their legs …

this morning i saw a really sad picture of a beautiful blue train being burnt. the burning train .. *sigh* really sad. these stupid, idiot rioters destroying public property, our property, your property, my property. for a moment i felt … Continue reading

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