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dhoom 2

i saw dhoom 2. hrithik roshan looks awesome. :) as of now he is officially the sexiest, most good looking guy at least in this part of the galaxy. they should make him the next james bond or something. he … Continue reading

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(after) life

this thought struck me some days/weeks back when i was travelling in the auto-rikshaw one morning, shortening the distance to office. for some time now, i have started nurturing this belief that there is no after life after all. that … Continue reading

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under orion

it feels weird today, not bad or good or anything, just weird. also not that i am getting affected in any way, physically or mentally. but it just feels weird. that feeling that things, all things have changed, and it … Continue reading

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to eat, or not to eat..

its a weirdly de-hydrating day today. my facial skin seems parched. i should’ve washed it just now when i’d gone home for lunch. dunno why i din. my hands too feel dusty. i hate dusty. i like well moisturized feels, … Continue reading

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seems like an eternity has passed. it was the evening of my engagement. in punjab, (and also i think some other parts of India) the engagement ceremony where you exchange rings and stuff is not there. we have something called … Continue reading

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tadaa …

yesterday today tomorrow day-after ..and beyond such simple categories of time what’s the need to rhyme life doesn’t niether does this world one moment different from another one has life another might show death no breath so on we go … Continue reading

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i have been having very clear dreams since the last two nights. but the dumb ass that i am, i forget to record them immediately, and then i just forget it completely. i have a feeling that my dreams are … Continue reading

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Love Kills you tried, then fried barbecued legs and limbs and the shreds of my heart my succulent tongue lying grey in your plate along with my liver, my lungs my brain and you look unamused burping looking full and … Continue reading

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this life, this moment …

i was thinking about living in the moment. that many people, inspite of the fact that they are married, would go ahead and have sex with someone they get attracted to, mainly because “they live in the moment”. for all … Continue reading

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sikhism and hindu gods .. and a house husband

“The Sikh Gurus nor “REALâ€? Sikhs would want their religion or Gurus associted with anything related to HInduism” is part of a recent comment left on my blog by a reader. i didn’t put the entire comment up here cos’ … Continue reading

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i float

a recent remark by joan in the post ‘saree (oct 20)’ inspired this .. i float on my own in the sky thought i had a wish but realized no point i don’t have wings no direction i just float … Continue reading

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