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i found it at last. after looking for it for ages … krishna parat was nice enough to mail it to me, after he read here that i am looking for it. thanks Krishna. thanks Krishna … :) *sniff**sniff* यह … Continue reading

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sweet, sweet sleep

i feel quiet today. quiet and nice. actually quiet and sleepy. normally how i feel on a relatively free day. and its a beautiful kind of a sleep. the one in which you sink s-l-o-w-l-y. Mmmm…. its 2:50 pm in … Continue reading

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good weekend .. :)

the weekend was awesome. thank you God. i had a great time with Cy and Sul. we were such a happy, cheery family throughout the weekend. even though i slept in the afternoons both the days, which i normally hate … Continue reading

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scene 1

a friend told her that she looks pretty “cool” kicking. the next time she sees her dreamguy, she quickly takes a stance and kicks the guy nearby.

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hindi script on my blog .. cool!! :)

मैं हूà¤? इक आवाज़ दबी, सहमी, हलà¥?की सी चादरों‌â€? कैदहर के नीचे बाहर, सूखे चने को à¤?ाड़ के पीछे i, am a voice suppressed, scared, soft under the pile of bed-sheets outside, behind the chickpea bush वो जो सà¥?नके भी … Continue reading

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lifted a tag…

was surfing and ended up on this blog. this person got tagged and had written all this. i liked it and decided to put it here and type down my thoughts: I am thinking about: how i’d love it if … Continue reading

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thot for the day..

i really dig pretty moles on soft fair skin. there’s one i particularly remember .. am thinking of right now rather .. a soft, soft neck, and a pretty, pretty mole on it, mid-way between the ear and the neck … Continue reading

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the fear

i had that stupid fear again in the morning today. of God! i laughed at something, some people actually, and then felt that it was very mean, arrogant of me to do that, and readily asked for forgiveness. and then … Continue reading

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how weird! i was feeling so happy some time back .. for no reason at all. and today i feel sad, very .. melancholic .. no i think sad is the right word … for no reason at all. maybe … Continue reading

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days have been good of late .. the nights too. i feel good most of the times. i have been pretty de-hydrated though since last evening. dunno why. i know i don’t drink lots of water, but i have been … Continue reading

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i love the rains .. :)

its raining beautifully today. i just spent an hour on the terrace watching the rain and it seemed like just 20 mins or so. we have a weird kind of a terrace where i work. the water gets logged even … Continue reading

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i love dogs

today, for a moment (just one tiny moment), i felt like a dog, running fast after a speeding car. i have no idea what i will do if it stops.

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moments. some happy. some not.

i am happy today. :) for no reason at all. i like being happy this way. for no reason at all. i have noticed that i am happier, much happier, when i am happy for no reason at all. but … Continue reading

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:( sorry veer

today is raksha bandhan. and i didn’t get veer a rakhi. :( sorry veer. there’s no excuse. once when i was a li’l baby my mom laid me besides veer (he must be aroud 6) and went out to talk … Continue reading

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when we landed on the delhi airport, i missed pune. i missed ‘home’. i missed the rains and esp the cool breeze when our bodies eased onto a warm tarmac. we reached veer’s place drenched in sweat. its weird. how … Continue reading

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ahhh!!! the dilli trip was G-O-O-D. :0) it seems unbelievable. that just last sunday we were in delhi. it all seems like a dream now. a dream with such distinct, beautiful memories that i feel i can touch them.

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