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if i was invisible

i saw this message/question on amit varma’s blog, where i went through veer’s blog: Imagine you’re invisible. here goes: If I was invisible, I’d enter historic museums and touch all antiques. I love touching old things, thinking of the life … Continue reading

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i love soft skin on a guy. especially the neck. and i just go crazy about guys with soft hands. i love soft hands on guys. soft, soft skin over firm muscle feels really good. my favorite position is half … Continue reading

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work’s been real hectic of late. i did type out two nice posts over the weekend, but didn’t/couldn’t post them. don’t know what’s wrong with the reliance connection, to every URL it says, ‘Server not Found’. plus, i don’t even … Continue reading

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its valentine’s day just around the corner and i never even cared what valentine what day all days are the same lame, lame, lame i don’t have you today i won’t have you then

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in da club

i think i’ll be good at running a club. a night club. i don’t mind a day club either/also, but there aren’t going to be many patrons for that. maybe i can have a day club for kids. :) if … Continue reading

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