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ye kya hua

tum oxygen meri life kee mein carbon monoxide zindagi ka tumhari tum rakhti ho zinda mujhey meri har sans har pal tumhey maarey tumney dekha mujhey pyar se, mainey na janney kyun itney pal spite mein gujarey tumney har sukh, … Continue reading

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aahat, jo sunayee nahi dee

hum teen ek mein, ek tum, aur ek woh woh jo chupke se ayee aur baith gayee na tumhey pata chala na mujhey woh jo saanso mein samayee aur bus gayee aadat tumhari huyee aadat meri bhi chaltey chaltey thaam … Continue reading

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my true self discouraged abhored and detested you created it you gave it form you left it too disformed to dry in the sun and now you hate it avoid it avert your eyes wish i’d cover it a kapda … Continue reading

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i write thus this tired pen betwixt my fingers rusted phalanges aching to move ache when moved the thumb can’t quiet recollect forward pressure manipulation the middle fingers feels too much of a thrust the long sharp nails dig crescents … Continue reading

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do you think dreams matter. i’ve seen people doing what’s expected of them all their lives. they grow up, being nice kids, as expected. they get married ‘decently’, as expected. have kids, raise them, and then quietly retire when old … Continue reading

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after thought

inspiration dats wat i see in this lusty piece a compository glee in the sun warm glow sucking juicy ganney a smile a wink says, aaja mharey kanney

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love lost … lust found

In the jungle Wild hounds. In the quiet Animal sounds! In the stillness Passions surround. Hey, listen! Cut to the chase – Stop fooling around. In this world Of fake love Only True lust abounds. © Jaggu and Piti

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my depravity

a whore, a slut is what often juts from people’s mind and mouth when they cannot do without being the ultimate judge in their heads they smudge a person’s entire characterization according to their exact summation i am now depraved … Continue reading

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in ans 2 a post on

de rider was a muffin who was huffin and puffin with miss muffet on his horse the seat was so coarse little missy was all waxed hence her legs were duly taxed but muffin wouldn’t listen he went on with … Continue reading

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no rest.

decisions. choices. you make them, they break you. free will. open roads. you take them. they shake you. everytime you think. you are home, you are happy. the walls disappear, it starts to rain. everytime you smile, feeling the sun … Continue reading

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A decade gone, decadent it seems. A decade starts, brimming with hope. In that decadence, I shall sow the seeds. Of a life that I dream to live.

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