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to live, to keep ‘goin on’ something i never started… something not in my hand to finish… there’s nuthing much i can do but be humble and thankful for a beautiful, truly amazing gift i don’t remember asking for

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i’d like to have a cause to die for. … and then die for it.

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its been many, many days since i last ‘wrote’. one there’s this crunch project i’m on. such disgustingly pathetic deadlines that you don’t feel pressured or even tense, you just feel funny. me and my project manager, we just look … Continue reading

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nice quote

just read this on the office message board. i agree. rolling stones gather no moss. … so who needs moss. rolling is fun. :-)

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doosra puppy pome. :)

mera puppy, tera puppy marey jhappi, followed by a puppie to ho jaye india mein pakistan pyar ki jhappi puppies pe kurbaan ek tum do puppy, ek mein doon puppy please note there are no puppies ek dog den banaygein, … Continue reading

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… and i want to tell you so much i love you. I long to see the sunlight in your hair And tell you time and time again How much I care Sometimes I feel my heart will overflow Hello! … Continue reading

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love condition

only one condition to love. unconditionality.

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national pride … pait peeth dono mil kar hein ek.

is that what padmashree is for? performing is commercial films and making loads of money? what has our dear, old, old country come to. national service. sad. really sad. all earlier padmashree awardees should return their awards, and all those … Continue reading

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