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I am nothing nobody is proud of me nobody is thinking of me nobody cares about me nobody misses me nobody wants to talk to me nobody wants to be with me in this world of fakeness and illusion, there’s … Continue reading

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aha!! :)

i wanna get this: and get out. :) someone please give me USD 20,000. cyra would just love it. *sigh*

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difficult life

this life is like a video game. you huff and puff and successfully complete one level. and the next one starts with added difficulties.

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i miss mommy

i miss my mommy. :( last night when i went out for a walk and i sarted ‘power’ walking, i missed her so much. my mommy is the bestest power walker in the whole wide world … even i could … Continue reading

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i am the sun, i am light i am burning, i am blazing high in the sky i sit on my shiny throne i am life, i am energy come bask in my glory the whole universe is in me … Continue reading

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wats goin on .. just read this news that a girl of 8 in a village in dhanbad was married to a dog … to rid the village of a bad omen. the girl’s father says that she was growing “dog teeth” on … Continue reading

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de brain is devoid of all depth as of now. hence no regular updates. the thoughts ocean has been drained, the water maybe evaported to moisten the entire dry atmosphere of a planet bigger than jupiter. had started work on … Continue reading

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i need to take control … of my fears … my short comings. there’re so many. at times i feel that just because i don’t know where to start, i will not be able to. simple things like communicating. i … Continue reading

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sad day today

today was the day that if i had a gun, i would have blown my head off. my deepest innards were screaming for that loud, loud, loud bang, which would have brought complete silence. i wanted that silence so bad. … Continue reading

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hindi :)

kal hee shayad mainey ye mehsoos kiya thaa, kee ye dil kuchh aur bhi mehsoos karta hai kal kee hee to baat lagti hai wo iss dil ko mainey buri tarah se use kiya thaa. ye soch ke kee iss … Continue reading

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killin time

yes. i have asked this question a zillion times. what is this life!! but i have always been too arrogant to admit it. veer was/is the first person to say that to me … that i am arrogant. i never … Continue reading

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a mail from S

S, sorry. am taking the liberty of sharing your thoughts. i know exactly what you mean … kabhi kisi ko mukammal jahan nahin milta… isn’t this such a sadly beautiful and profound song… kabhi kisi ko mukammal jahan nahin milta… … Continue reading

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some time back some were discussing are we all islands little water locked pieces of earth no boats, no bridges, just sighs travel through. escape unnoticed from one island to another and so sometimes suddenly the wind seems heavy caressing … Continue reading

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a gentle giant, a soft wind, a huge swaying tree, laden with fruit, a mountain dotted with little villages, an ocean pregnant with a zillion fish, a sky spotted with far-off warm glows, my lover, my child i get lost … Continue reading

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hmmm… of late i have been trying to think intellectually. well, i started with just plain thinking first … an intellectual bent is something i plan to introduce to my simple brain cells gradually … so as not to shock … Continue reading

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profound … just found. :)

a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step -anonymous

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aaj mein upar …. i wish .. :)

today, i am not able to make out, if i am happy or sad. today, i am not able to … make out. happy, sad, or anything. i haven’t been able to … make out for a long time now. … Continue reading

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i’m bored, disillusioned with life, so completely in that state where i don wanna speak with anyone, or do anything. i wish mom was here, so that she could babysit cyra and i cud go somewhere … for a while.

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my thots

if i could express my thoughts with images, or pictures, rather than words, this site would be so, so, so, colorful, deep, surreal. if only i could. i did take up painting once, and i wasn’t bad really, not bad … Continue reading

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one is completely relaxed when ones asshole ….. opens …. or rather, when one is completely relaxed, one’s asshole opens. that’s why, one feels so relaxed on the pot. the seat. most brilliant thinkers of the world, get their best … Continue reading

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